New Book- A New Era in Land Administration Emerges- Securing Land Rights for the World is Feasible

  • Christiaan Lemmen Kadastre International, the Netherlands
  • Rohan Bennett University of Twente
  • Robin McLaren McLaren Know Edge Ltd
  • Stig Enemark Aalborg University


The challenge for the global land community is clear: secure land rights for all people, in all places, at all times. The response: a new era in land administration, one underpinned by a wave of innovative thinking and coupled with quickly maturing, scalable approaches that can be applied globally. Supported by world-leading private companies, modern geospatial technologies and a new professional mindset, the provision of global land administration that supports good land governance now appears to be a feasible objective within the current generation. This article charts the new way of thinking and uncovers why there are good reasons for optimism about the future security of global land rights.


Securing land rights has been a priority of the international development sector for decades. An often-quoted estimate indicates that 75% of the world’s people-to-land relationships are not documented and are outside the formal land administration domain. Meanwhile, populations and cities are growing and the pressure on land and natural resources is continuing to increase significantly. In the scramble for land it is often the poor who suffer most through dispossession, disputes and distrust. Appropriate administration of land normally marks the start of land-related conflict resolution and subsequent sustainable land use planning and natural resource management. This is crucial for people’s fundamental needs – including food security, housing and gender equality – and it is a human right.

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