Status of Land and Natural Resources Administration in Burundi: an overview

  • Tatien Masharabu University of Burundi
  • Venant Nyandwi University of Burundi
  • Henri KABANYEGEYE University of Burundi



In the framework of collaboration for country based case studies on land and natural resource tenure security in Eastern and Southern Africa by the University of Nairobi/ Centre for Urban Research and Innovation, a case study was conducted in Burundi. Data collection was based mainly on literature review of legal texts and all studies realized in the area of land tenure and natural resources in Burundi, and field visits. This paper presents only the synthesis of the information and data collected on land, water, mines and forests. The results include mainly their distribution, legal framework and administration. The diversity of actors and institutions intervening in the management and administration of the land and natural resources in Burundi is challenging. In such way, existing education programmes related to land are involving many Departments and Faculties of the main University (University of Burundi). I the aim of human and institutional capacities building, it is therefore important to set up a specific teaching/training and research programme dedicated to the land administration.

Key words: administration, Burundi, land, natural resources


Key words: administration, Burundi, land, natural resources

Author Biographies

Tatien Masharabu, University of Burundi
Faculty of Sciences, Biology Department
Venant Nyandwi, University of Burundi
Institute of Applied Pedagogy, Department of Physics & Technology
Henri KABANYEGEYE, University of Burundi
Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Department of Architecture & Urban Planning
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